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Longevity in a nutshell.

Passion with a Purpose.

Longevity is a clinical services company and national Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan (SNP) dedicated to serving individuals in senior living settings. Through our own plans and in partnership with national health insurers, we provide comprehensive, patient-centered care for senior living residents’ full range of medical, social and emotional needs. We collaborate with senior facilities to provide comprehensive care to members who reside there, typically vulnerable individuals with multiple, complex health conditions. Longevity’s specially trained care teams are made up of advanced practice clinicians (e.g., NPs or PAs) plus medical directors, Pharmacy experts, medical assistants and other professionals, that engage with facility staff, PCPs, and family members to care for patients onsite, improving clinical outcomes and member and caregiver satisfaction.

I am Longevity.

Why you should consider applying:

We have the energy and boldness of a startup and the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up. All in one place.

Commitment to lifelong learning & growth

Space for creativity & innovation

An open continuous feedback culture

Employer pays 90% of employee medical premium

A fast-paced tech-enabled environment

Collaborative inter-departmental team

Competitive salary & benefits

Employer pays 70% of dependent(s) medical premiums

Employee wellness and work-life balance

Support for mental downtime

No wait period to use accrued PTO – 4 weeks annualized to start

Passion & Belief in our Core Purpose

Employee Testimonials

Great mission to improve the health and quality of life of nursing home residents. Administrator (Current Employee) - Remote - January 13, 2023

Longevity is a growing company, changes happen often and I like the fast past of this. Management is transparent, keeps you informed and is easy to approach with questions. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with the clinical staff.

Administrator (Current Employee) – Remote – January 13, 2023


Very supportive leadership and management.

I love to learn and work with all the colleagues. The leaders work hard to accommodate the employees and make the work conditions better and more motivating.

Clinical Coach (Current Employee) – Genesis buildings – January 9, 2023


Great management in the clinical setting.

Longevity has been a wonderful company to work for thus far. Management in the clinical setting is absolutely amazing and the teamwork is on point. This company has been at the top for the work experiences I have had in the past. Extremely thankful to be a part of this wonderful team.

ISNP Care Coordinator (Current Employee) – Remote – December 21, 2022


Great Culture.

Everyone I have encounter in the company has shown a positive energy. Everyone is upbeat and happy to be here. Everyone is willing to help. All departments are able to collaborate when needed.

Recruiter (Current Employee) – Remote – November 16, 2022


Best job I have ever had

As a start-up Company, I was well aware of the challenges and need to be flexible on a day to day basis when I was hired and as the Company grows. However, even with these expected start-up growing pains, everyone in the Company is very engaged, energetic, and excited, about where we are and where we are going. As a testament to the success of this Company, we have been able to grow our employee count from approximately 40 employees as of November of 2019 when I was hired, to over 200 employees as of today. All of this while COVID was seriously affective employment in general across the nation and globally, and yet we were and are still very successful with our continued growth. To me this speaks volumes to the commitment and passion everyone has for this Company.

Pros: Best and least costly health insurance plans I have ever had the opportunity to enroll in, Compensation is at or above what the current market is paying across the board, caring and compassionate leadership, room for advancement and opportunity for growth

Director of Human Resources (Current Employee) – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – June 10, 2022


Excellent workplace.

Very productive workplace, supportive and very knowledgeable management team, the managers and clinical directors are excellent servant leaders . Excellent workplace

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) – Oklahoma City – September 24, 2021


Productive and fun place to work.

Great place to work and full of opportunity. They are pretty flexible with your work schedule and have pretty receptive administration. Work life balance could be a little better but other than that I’m pretty content working here!

BHA (Current Employee) – Illinois – December 17, 2022


Patient Centered and Family Oriented

Hard but rewarding work with those in a long term care setting. Full support from wonderful nursing managers and peers. Able to work 8-5 on Monday through Friday with telehealth support after hours, on weekends and holidays which meant more time to devote to family

Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) – Oklahoma City, OK – January 20, 2022


Productive and hard working culture!

It’s hard not to go all-in with a company’s culture when you see how incredible and hard-working your counterparts are. It feels like I learn something new every week and it has been fantastic to work with such a collaborative team!

Clinical (Current Employee) – Remote – December 14, 2022


Life at Longevity.

An open, positive mindset.

Longevity – Whether by caring directly for patients or by supporting those who do, we are all passionate about improving the health and quality of life of the senior living residents we serve.

From candidate to colleague: the different steps.

Quick note: we don’t follow these steps all too rigorously but we use them as a framework.

Apply for a job

that moment you realize this sounds PERFECT for you.

Short call

realistic job preview and validation of qualifications.


skill test for certain roles.

In-person interview

with potential manager

Second in-person interview

for certain roles.

Job Shadow

for certain roles.

Evaluate Offer

are you on board or not?

Kudos, you got the job!

Brace yourself & enjoy the ride.

We value diversity.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, Longevity Health Plan celebrates and recognizes diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We truly believe our diverse workforce mirroring our diverse customers, clients and patients, makes us that much stronger and effective.

Where Our Employees Work & States of Operations

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